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SharePoint 2007 Development Tips

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Before getting into SharePoint 2010 I’d like to recap on some of the things I’ve learnt using SharePoint 2007. Much has progressed since I started working on SharePoint 2007 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) projects using the SharePoint 2007 Beta versions in early 2006. As a developer some of the biggest improvements I’ve noticed are the availability of tools and information.

In 2006 we were creating WSP files by manually maintaining DDF files and using makecab, a process that is now fully automatable (and integrated into Visual Studio) using freely available tools such as the brilliant WSPBuilder utility. I also remember spending two whole days trying to create a list definition as the documentation on MSDN wasn’t (and still isn’t) complete. Not surprisingly the ‘Creating a Custom SharePoint 2007 List Definition’ blog post I wrote afterwards still draws in over 1500 page views a month.

So below are a list of some of the ways I like to do things when creating custom SharePoint 2007 solutions (with a focus on Web Content Management). Continue reading SharePoint 2007 Development Tips »

Written by Ari Bakker

February 28th, 2010 at 9:47 pm

SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference

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I’ve recently been confirmed as a speaker at the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference in London. The conference has plenty of talented speakers, lots of great sessions, and promises to be the premier SharePoint event outside the US. From the website:

What is it?

This 3 day SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference, consists of over 70 Sessions dedicated to IT Pro’s/Developers/Designers/Information Workers/Business Adoption and Power Users.

Written by Ari Bakker

February 4th, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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