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I’m speaking at the SharePoint 2013 Evolution Conference

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Next week I’m speaking at the SharePoint 2013 evolution conference in London. I’m co-presenting two sessions on upgrading to SharePoint 2013 with my friend Chandima and individually presenting another session on a SharePoint 2010 extranet project I worked on. Details of the sessions are shown below.

IT112/IT113 Upgrading SharePoint

In these sessions on upgrading to SharePoint 2013 we will walk through the various upgrade options and how to carry out the server preparation and installations for your upgrade testing deployments. We will use a real world dataset to verify upgrade compatibility and troubleshoot some common upgrade issues you may encounter and how to progress forward. This session is for IT Professionals, System Administrators who want to know how to approach and carry out an upgrade/migration to 2013. I’ll also talk about how to upgrade custom developed SharePoint solutions built for earlier versions of SharePoint.

COM711 Case study: Industry wide collaboration

Discover how we used SharePoint as a platform to facilitate collaboration between hundreds of different telecom organisations worldwide. The project involved building a LinkedIn like website that contains company and user details for the mobile industry. In a similar way to LinkedIn, users can also request to join groups and communicate and collaborate on certain topics such as Roaming to Fraud. The project also involved many other features specific to the mobile industry such as the ability to to store mobile network information and document management features that allow groups to work on official standards documents for the mobile industry.

This session will include a run through of the functional areas of the system and an explanation of how each area was built from a technical perspective. We will also cover some of the challenges we faced when building a system that is used by over 800 different organisations in over 200 countries around the globe.

A couple of pages from the site are shown below. The image below shows the homepage of the extranet including document and people feeds, personalised lists of contacts, meetings and task information.


We also made many enhancements to the document management features. The image below shows the landing page for an official document. As well as metadata about the document and files to download the page contains a list of related official documents and the status of change requests that relate to changes to the document.


I’m really looking forward to the conference and hope to see some of you there!

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April 13th, 2013 at 11:44 am

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